The idea to create this wealth of support was thought of during our own experience with a family member in a coma due to a traumatic brain injury 100+ miles from home. Co-Founder Jamie Crane-Mauzy sustained a traumatic brain injury April 11th 2015 while trying to become the first woman to do an off axis double backflip in a slope-style skiing competition at World Tour Finals in Whistler Canada. I, Co-Founder Jeanee Crane-Mauzy, was on the hill as well. Jamie was transferred to Vancouver General Hospital by helicopter where she remained in a coma with grim expectations of ever waking up for 8 days. During that time our whole family, three other sisters and both parents dropped everything to be there within 24 hours.

Whistler Blackcomb supplied us with three hotel rooms two blocks from the hospital. Between the six of us, we had someone stay with Jamie at the hospital 24 hours a day. Two wonderful people from Whistler cam down every other day, picking everyone up and dropping them off at the airport, bringing us food, and even clothes for those of our family members that brought nothing but two extra pairs of underwear.

During this time of great hardness and terror, we were so well cared for with a whole community behind us. I thought about how truly lucky we were to only have to worry about what was best for Jamie and not everything else. I decided I wanted to help other people in our situation because I know most other people do not have such support as we had, and no matter whether your family member is saying goodnight or waking up to a new life, their family should not have to think twice or suffer to be by their side. So with all my heart and soul we created this Non-Profit to help share comfort and support for those in need.

Our Team

Photo of Jamie Crane-Mauzy

Jamie Crane-Mauzy

Co-Founder / Communications Director

Jamie Crane-Mauzy, commonly known as Mocrazy. Jamie holds some pretty esteemed titles in the world of Halfpipe and Slope Style Skiing; such as being the first girl to double flip in winter X-Games 2013 and the first girl to flip off a rail. But far beyond that, Jamie is the type of person everyone likes. She is little, bubbly and blond.

In April 2015 Jamie crashed and suffered a traumatic brain injury. For most people this is truly devastating. But not for Jamie, she kept her true personality through the whole thing- smiling and laughing. Jamie has been exceeding everyone's expectations on her recovery. She has made a full recovery and returned to skiing. She now has a totally unique, one of a kind, inspiring story to bring along with her.

During the time of recovery and held present to now Jamie feels strongly for giving back. Being Co-Founder of this Non-Profit Jamie's goal to create First Family Flight to be all across America and Canada, helping countless families.
You can find Jamie almost always outside. She loves skiing of course, and hiking, swimming, paddleboarding, yoga, just about the only things she likes that are mostly inside are acting and reading. The summer of 2014, Jamie attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood, California. Jamie loves the camera and always has a smile on her face.
Jamie has also attended both Plymouth State and University of Utah to study marketing and sales she is now in attendance at Westminster University studying Communications and Business.

“I love to ski yes, but more than that I want to help little girls all around the world achieve their dreams and be brave. I want to be known as a good public figure and role model, along with a do gooder for the world and the people I love.” - Jamie

Photo of Jeanee Crane-Mauzy

Jeanee Crane-Mauzy

Co-Founder / Creative Director

Jeanee Crane-Mauzy, is a perfect compliment to Jamie. As much as Jamie is the out going girl, Jeanee is the gentle star that guides their energy. Jeanee is currently ranked 10th in the world for halfpipe Skiing. Jeanee has some pretty high titles and strives to accomplish more on and off the slopes. “I want to be influential to all girls in any sport; someone they want to look up to and try to be like. My talent is skiing but my values go far beyond the snow.”

Jeanee had the idea behind creating First Family Flight when Jamie was still in the coma, “Our family received a tremendous amount of help from outside sources, and I wanted to be able to help other families like ours the way we were helped.”

Jeanee attended the Park City Center For Advanced Professional Studies in 2014 focusing on entrepreneurship and business. Within a partnership Jeanee created a successful Red Bull Teen Night Club event at Canyons Mountain Resort in Park City Utah.

Jeanee has also done work in marketing and public relations over the past couple years. Currently beyond Co-Founding First Family Flight Jeanee manages Jamies public speaking, booking her gigi's, managing travel and on site details. Jeanee is also working on writing a novel of the accident story told from her caricatures point of view.

“I truly believe you have not really lived until you have helped someone in a way they could never repay you for, that's what life is all about paying it forward and helping to change lives.” - Jeanee

Photo of Grace Mauzy

Grace Mauzy

Founding Partner / Board Member

Grace Mauzy has been a role model for women's self esteem for over 20 years. Gace received a federal grant from the government in 2000 to teach self esteem to women in the state of Connecticut.

Grace has worked with countless athletes and professionals to help them achieve their own personal bests with in sport and life. Grace has been the most loved mom raising her own four daughters, step daughter, and countless other children drawn to her energy and amazing mothering.

Jamie’s doctors account a lot of Jamie's successful recovery to the support she got from her mother, Grace lived in the hospital and complimented the doctations and therapies with her own exercises, supplements, and activities.
One of Grace’s biggest accomplishments is the poise and success of her daughters, while supplying them with every opportunity and guidance she allows them to fly.

Photo of Mike Severloh

Mike Severloh


My family’s presence during their time spent beside me was important to many different people on many different levels: Their presence allowed me to heal, surrounded by those I love. Their presence helped support my wife while she rode this emotional roller coaster. And it was equally beneficial for my family to be present so that they were able to witness the beginning stages of my recovery and gain a sense of peace before returning home.

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Photo of Mypinder Sekhon

Mypinder Sekhon


Dr. Mypinder Sekhon, MD, is an intensive care physician and neurointensivist in the intensive care unit at Vancouver General Hospital. He is currently a clinical instructor in the Division of Critical Care Medicine and Department of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. He completed his medical school training, internal medicine residency and critical care medicine subspecialty fellowship at the University of British Columbia prior to completing a neurocritical care fellowship at Addenbrooke's Hospital at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom under the guidance of Professors David Menon and Arun Gupta. His clinical and research interests include multimodal neuromonitoring, cerebral autoregulation disturbance after brain injury and critical care management of severe traumatic brain injury patients.